Happy Birthday Seeing Me In Reality!


I feel like a very proud parent, the blog has got through a whole year. There were some slightly scary parts to this year but also some wonderful uplifting moments. This blog has been my baby, even with a tech nerd for a brother I built this blog and designed every logo I’ve had. I have updated the blog here and there, with help from WordPress and Google. I wrote continuously and tried to see how my content could be better. I have been completely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I took the plunge. I have loved writing for this blog and the excitement when I realised it wasn’t just Baloo and my Family reading every week. Then my first likes and comments trickled through and I felt the support of a community I was now a part of.

Firstly, I just want to say a heartfelt, thank you to you the person reading this right now. I would still blog even if I was the only one reading it but the happiness I have from getting messages of thanks or camaraderie from you, the readers of my blog in a sea of millions of blogs means the world to me. I am so grateful for all who chat with me on Instagram or comment on my blog it means the world to me. Please comment and talk to me, I love to chat with you all.

A year seems such a long time but it has flown by, I have sometimes wondered what I was doing putting this pressure on my brain and my body. Let’s face it I haven’t exactly won the health lottery but also I count myself lucky because of the things I am still able to do. I know there are amazing people who are raising awareness writing books, all from the beds they live in. I feel like I sometimes don’t have the bravery to be bold. However, I feel like if one person has the courage to add their voice to something they are passionate about, the combined courage might just lead to action. M.E/CFS tore my life apart but it didn’t tear me apart, I wanted to do something with all the knowledge I have amassed over the years. I did this for me.


Lastly, I need to do my Oscar speech just a tiny bit. I want to thank my family for their endless support and their readiness to help me if I need it. My grandparents print off each blog post every week to share it with their friends and that means the world to me. Baloo has been amazing from when I first said to him “I’m thinking of starting a blog” his immediate response was to go for it and he’s been with me on this journey ever since. I’m hoping to one day get him to do a blog post with me, so comment if you want to read that and on give me ideas for a joint post!

Right I will return back to my non-sappy self and just say how proud I am of this blog and the community I have found myself in.

I might try and do some more posts about the last year or so. Stay tuned my lovelies and have a wonderful Saturday.

P.S the cupcakes were so delicious.

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