How I Save Money Online

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As someone who knows what it’s like to be on a budget, I like to try and make my money go as far as possible and I thought even though they aren’t original it would potentially help someone who has a chronic illness. I’ve done the guesswork for you and this is what I’ve found. Apologies that this advice will mainly be for people in the UK, I’m sure there are alternatives for your own country. As always to save money can take more effort and strategic planning but this what has worked for me.

Cashback websites- The idea is simple you make an account click on their website, complete your purchase and the referral money comes back to you eventually. I use Quidco and find it to be very easy and over time I’ve got back money that I wouldn’t have had. Some cash back is as low as a few pence but every little helps. It does take months for the money to come through but it is worth the extra few clicks to have a little back.

Buying things that are refurbished. For some, this is not something they would ever do but I have always bought refurbished or second-hand electronics. From the iPad Air 2 that I got from Amazon Warehouse Deals to my current phone which I got from CEX. These are goods that have been touched by another human but most come with warranties for over a year and they have a big saving when compared to a brand new item. Hunt around as many big brands have outlets on eBay. It might be worth the energy in the savings to be had.

Discount Codes- Places like H&M have discount codes pretty regularly, if I’m buying anything online I google discount codes for the brand or shop because sometimes you can get 20% off. I use any site I can find but the main ones are VoucherCodes and vouchercloud. – This website is so clever, it tracks prices for items on Amazon. You can create alerts so that if the price drops to where you are happy to buy it you don’t miss it. It also can save you money if you buy something on Amazon and the price drops Amazon tends to within a week of your purchase refund you the difference.

Make the most of sales, I do buy a lot from the boxing day sales here in the UK its the biggest sale of the year typically. I get birthday presents if I can or the discounted gift sets of products I know I use all the time. Add on a cashback and you can really get a big discount.

The best advice tends to be common sense so I hope that this might have given you some ideas on how to save money.
Let me know how you save money or any advice you want to pass on to another spoonie.

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