Stuck In The Middle With You


How is life? I feel like I have so much to catch up on and tell you about my holiday by the sea, in the sunshine. Like the life of M.E/CFS is, it was a mixed bag but a fabulous holiday with my family. I have so many pretty pictures to share and a few stories and tips along the way. You will have to bear with me as I’ve just got home and haven’t written anything down yet.

I did a lot of assessing when I was away about my direction in life and what I want to accomplish. The time away gave me ample time to think and to look up for a little while. I needed that time to stop for a while. No deadlines and lists of to do.

Just before I went away we hit over 80 followers for my blog and I was amazed at how far around the world this blog has gone and that people continue to come back. Thank you to all who have followed, commented or just read my blog posts it’s a wonderful thing to know that there are people connecting with you all around the world. If you are new then I hope you stick around and find some help or comfort from this blog.


Gosh, I have missed writing so much. The break was brilliant but I am so excited to come back with fresh ideas and lots of content to create. Also on the 1st of September, this blog will be a year old. I couldn’t have dreamed of how it would turn out and I stuck to my weekly schedule with only one mishap in February. I am so excited to write about blogging for a year and to make a cake of some description because it counts as a birthday, right? 😉


Having just read that all back, I’m not going to edit the overly chatty slightly chaotic but overly honest chat we just had. Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to a friend over a mug of something, hence the very conversational tone some of my blog posts have.

I’m back to weekly blogging (fingers crossed) from now on and I will be sharing more on flying holidays and what big thoughts I had whilst I was away. Don’t forget to mark your diaries for September the 1st for a bonus blog post!

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