Holidays and Headspace

Hi Everyone!

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Just to let you know that from today until the 14th of August I will be inactive on the blog. After scheduling everything when the wedding was happening in May and not missing too many weeks of blogging since September. I have decided that I will be taking a couple of weeks off. I am going on holiday for a little while to recharge and hopefully, have the headspace to create better content for you all in the future.

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I’m sure you all understand that everyone regardless of if they have a chronic illness, needs time off from their life to switch off. But it is crucial if you have a chronic illness. I know I have spoken about the fact I write these blog posts months in advance to when they are released, but I want to not have to worry about the blog whilst I’m away. A true holiday if you like.

I wanted to take the weeks off to give me time to pack and get organised and rest after the holiday travel. My holiday is going to be two weeks in the sunshine, I can’t wait! My M.E seems to be better in the warmth and dry heat which I know isn’t the case for everyone.

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I’m very excited as this is going to be a multigeneration holiday and my Sister and her relatively new Husband will be joining us! Plus my Grandparents who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like, so the two weeks will be special. I want to have quality time with them all and then come back and tell you all about it! If you miss me terribly, then please head over to my Facebook page or check out my Instagram if you prefer that platform to see what I’m up to. I will be trying to post whilst I’m away. Apologies for the endless food and weather photos coming your way. 😎

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I know that you all understand and I will see you in a few weeks!

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