Father’s Day

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I thought for a long time as to how to write this blog post on Father’s Day. I didn’t want it to be cliche ridden and full of gratefulness because I’m ill and I still live at home. My Dad has been amazing since I got ill and I will never ever invalidate the time, energy and effort my Dad has put into my life in the past nine years. He has been cool-headed and a rock to cling to in times of uncertainty and fear. Sadly this has happened a lot and I know I can depend on him to help me get through the painful times.

Today I just want to thank him like any other daughter wants to celebrate their Father on Father’s Day. I want to thank him for his patience and dedication to our family. I want to thank him for the silly made up games and for teaching us how to cheat at Monopoly. I need to acknowledge his greatness for when we were little, convincing us he owned Tesco for a whole summer. But for the present, I am thankful for his advice from technology to finances to household running, to laundry to being frugal and fun.

Father's Day

There are many Fathers in this world and sadly some don’t get promoted to Dad. My Dad and the men in my family have shown me how to be independent without being caustic to show grace and dignity without losing your sense of humour. You have shown me that women deserve respect and that there isn’t much I can’t do, if I want it enough. I am grateful especially for my Dad, but I am also grateful for all the men in my family who have helped me become who I am today.

Reach out to the men in your life and thank them for the impact they have had on your lives. Father’s day is for Father’s but many uncles godfathers and grandpas count too. For those who are celebrating this weekend, I wish you a wonderful time and hope you have a good time with those who you love.

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