My Darling Sister – Your Wedding

M Wedding

Dearest Monkey,
So this week is the big week! You will become a Mrs so soon. I know you wanted me to do a speech at your wedding but it just wasn’t possible. So, this is roughly what my speech would’ve contained. I hope you like it and remember to soak up every moment of this precious time.

You’ve been there ever since the day I was born. You are two years and eight months older than I and we’ve been true sisters. We have created magical lands that no one but us understood. We’ve fought, giggled and loved since we were able to.

Being so close in age has its downsides and its selling points. I know you never forgave me for getting a CD player a whole year earlier than you did and that I was always wanting to do what you were doing. Thankfully we never were on the same level for long, we had our separation but we still supported one another. You were able to commiserate on the homework I had seeing as you had done it only a couple of years previously. We shared secrets dreams and sometimes clothes before I outgrew you.

M Wedding-3

I am so proud of the amazing women you’ve become. I am proud of you for taking the challenging right road rather than the easy. I am proud of dedication and belief of doing the right thing and helping as many people as you can. I am so happy you have found the love of a wonderful man, who supports your dreams and supports you in the harshest of realities. Whilst I am sad I won’t be seeing you as often, I know that you and Mr Geek will be creating a wonderful life together with the bunnies.

M Wedding-2

Not to make this about me but I just want to say since I’ve been ill, life hasn’t been the same and you had a lot going on and we missed some of the things we had been looking forward to since we were little. Thank you for the laughter you bring to a sorry situation and for helping me countless times.

I love you Monkey and I never want you to lose your sparkle. Be good to one another and enjoy the adventure you have together. I’m so happy for you and Mr Geek!
Your Baby Sister. xx

I might snap a few photos of this wedding on Saturday. These will likely be on my blog Facebook page.

If no photos appear then I’m sorry. I am the maid of honour so likely to be a mess on the floor halfway through the day. My priority will be being there for my sister on the most special day of her life.

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