Pebbles, Mistakes And Growth

I am like any other human and I can focus on my past mistakes. I’ve made some massive ones in my lifetime. I am not the best person of letting go of the choices I made and the regret that followed it. I simply take a long time to get over the hurts in my life. Letting go of past hurts, mistakes and regrets is a process that only you can solve.

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Answer me this. If you could delete your past mistakes would you be willing to delete the best parts of yourself? The lessons we learn along the way make us who we really are. The transcendent moments in life make us who we really are on every level.

I’ve messed up big time but I think that’s ok I want to end up loving the mistakes I have made because they have made me who I am. I want to have acceptance and to build on the ‘baggage’ that makes me, me. I want to learn how to love and accept myself. The good, the bad and the ugly.
Perfection isn’t attainable so why torture yourself over things you can’t change? You can only grow from them, learn from them and build on the foundations of your failure, stronger each time your progress is torn down.

I use my past mistakes and failures as motivation to improve and evolve as a person. I don’t want to carry my mistakes around forever but I know the lessons learnt I will carry.
Mistakes are what make us human and we sometimes have to learn the hard way. Mum’s are normally right, but we need the pain to learn sometimes. Be kind to yourself, you are more than allowed to mess up and be broken sometimes by the events and choices in life.

When I think of this I think about pebbles in a river or the sea. Pebbles are bashed, chipped and tumbled together countless times. The end result is a smooth, sometimes shiny pebble with soft edges and a tactile exterior. As humans, we are like pebbles, sometimes you get bashed and broken but eventually, you come out of the storm slightly smoother and closer to the person you are supposed to be. People in the short term might hurt you and push you to your absolute limits but in the long run, you become the pebble you were meant to be.

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