The Realisation In The Mirror

I"m going to tell you a story about a girl who happens to have a Hen Party to attend. This girl is hesitant about the whole night she is shy and low on energy. She doesn't know what to wear as most of her clothing could be described as 'classic' or 'conservative'. Not exactly a … Continue reading The Realisation In The Mirror

When Days Out Don’t Go To Plan

Part of life is dealing with disappointment and accepting that sometimes it's just not your day. When you go out a total of once a week or less when it's not your day it can cut deeply. Add in the possibility that you could potentially face a negative reaction be that for using a disabled … Continue reading When Days Out Don’t Go To Plan

10 Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

So I haven't done a list in a little while and I thought about things I'm sure people don't understand or misunderstand about me all the time. As always this isn't to point the finger at anyone in my life or even yours but to have a moment of how powerful the way we talk … Continue reading 10 Misconceptions About People With Chronic Illnesses

Pebbles, Mistakes And Growth

I am like any other human and I can focus on my past mistakes. I've made some massive ones in my lifetime. I am not the best person of letting go of the choices I made and the regret that followed it. I simply take a long time to get over the hurts in my … Continue reading Pebbles, Mistakes And Growth