Mother’s Day

It's Mother's day

Here in the UK, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a time of thanking the Mothers in our lives. You may notice I say, mothers. I believe that you have many mother figures in your life be that Godmothers, Aunts, Grandmothers and women who have shaped your life and helped you grow as a person. Of course, the main person we thank is our Mothers. The person who has wiped your tears, made you laugh and kept you alive in your younger years. The older I get the more I appreciate the sacrifice and love that my Mum has given me before I was even born.

Our Mums are just amazing and I have no clue how my Mum had three babies. I wouldn’t know how on earth I would do it myself if the time comes. I have to say when we focus on Mother’s, I tend to think about the struggle she had when I was much younger and not so much now or 5 or so years ago. Bless my darling Mum she is my main carer still. She has walked with me every step of the way since I got ill aged 12. Mother’s roles change, but they are still there every step of the way. They offer advice and help, they still worry just as much as when you wouldn’t sleep due to teething. I know my situation is unique but we have to remember that the care they give us is ongoing.

We love our Mums dearly and I feel like the thank yous we give should be ongoing. My Mum has sacrificed so so much for me. She gave up work because I needed to be looked after, she made decisions for me when I was unaware. She was the bad guy when my sleep pattern needed to change. She has been my motivator and my comforter. She kept her sadness and grief away from me so I could focus on me, rather than being a comforter. I truly feel like my Mum has paid the ultimate sacrifice when I have asked her why she continues to look after me even when like right now it is a lengthy process. She always looks at me with disbelief and says “You are still my daughter, of course, I am going to look after you until I can’t or you don’t need me any longer.”

Mother’s are amazing people, their job in this world is priceless because the next generation they nurture will one day be the leaders of this world, the inventors, the advocates but mainly and most importantly, if they have children, they will be the parents who have a job to teach values and love and standards to their offspring. What a gift from our parents?

Before I go I’d love to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating. I hope you are spoilt rotten and are having a lovely day.

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