Starting Again & My Top 5 Hospital Must-Haves​

First things first, hello!  I am back on the mend at home and excited to be back writing. I have a way to go until I’m back to normal but it’s heading in the right way. I’ve missed writing for you all, but the break has given me time to just worry about being ill. It has been an odd couple of weeks with me just not wanting to do anything. I’m getting there but I will be careful to not overdo things.

I only stayed in the hospital for three nights and have an enormous amount of respect and gratitude to all the people who work in healthcare. I was so lucky and treated well.
I thought I’d talk about my top five in-hospital necessities that helped me be more comfortable in case anyone is going into hospital soon. My hospital admission wasn’t scheduled and I didn’t have time to pack carefully but top 5 are what I will reach for in future. Alternatively, if a loved one has gone into hospital unexpectedly then this might help you find things that are helpful beyond the essentials.

My Top 5 Hospital Must-Haves

1. An eye mask and earplugs. Even if you are lucky enough to be in your own private room hospitals are noisy and there are always lights on. I love this eye mask I got off of Amazon. It blocks out so much light but is comfortable and doesn’t annoy me when I’m trying to sleep. Earplugs- I am yet to find a brand or type I love so I tend to use the foam ones.

2. Wet wipes. Whilst my hospital was great at offering help, I relied on my Mum to help me get freshened up. I just wasn’t comfortable getting personal care from people I didn’t know. So for independent quick cleans wet wipes were a saviour. I like the water wipes but they are super pricey so I grab the sensitive ones when I can.

3. Fruit juice and snacks. They won’t be refrigerated but it is great to have snacks and juice to hand when you can eat and drink that is. I loved chopped up fruit and biscuits in the on -the- go packs. Oreos are my go-to but your favourite is all that matters.

4. Lots and lots of comfy clothes. You aren’t feeling your best and if you are sore, avoid things that press or lie close to the area. You get through PJs quicker than you think. I was a bit of a novelty in the hospital as I was always cold. I had three blankets and I wore socks over the glamorous hospital stockings. Pack warm stuff just in case you need it. I was on a drip for some time so I could only comfortably wear t-shirts – bear this in mind.

5. A pen and a notebook. With brain fog and medication, I was struggling to remember the smallest things from medication, to what the doctors were saying to me, to what I needed to be brought in for me. A pen and notepad would’ve really helped me, sadly I got mine on the day I was discharged but I for sure would pack them next time around.

There you have my top five hospital must-haves. I hope you have found this helpful and it was a good topic to ease me back into blogging. I am hoping to be back to normal soon however, I will be taking it week by week. Comment down below your top 5 hospital must-haves I’d love to hear from you all.

4 thoughts on “Starting Again & My Top 5 Hospital Must-Haves​

  1. The ward I was on insisted you had to wear shoes of some varierty so I took flip flops but any easy slip on style of shoe would work (slippers, sandals etc)


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