My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

Twenty Valentine's DayDate NightIdeas

Valentine’s day you either love it or loathe it. But I feel like it’s worth writing a list of date ideas for us spoonies. So I hope there is one of these ideas you love and try out for valentines. Valentine’s day doesn’t mean you have to go all out for a fancy date great outfit and massive gestures of undying love. I’m an advocate of the simpler things in life so here are my date night ideas.

1. Have a pizza and pyjamas date. Get excited to play scrabble or watch a film in a comfy cosy atmosphere and enjoy time together.
2. Build a den and have dinner in the blanket fort/den. Add some fairy lights and LED candles for a romantic atmosphere without a fire hazard.
3. Have a daytime date; this is great if, like me, your energy is better morning to early afternoon. Go for brunch or coffee.
4. Go to the beach and park the car where you can see the sea. Take heat packs and hot drinks and watch the waves together.
5. Make something together, this can be out of Lego or in the kitchen like cookies, but switch your phones off and gently create something together.

Love Plate
6. It’s a classic for a reason but has breakfast in bed together and have a truly lazy day.
7. Try bringing the spa to you. You can book mobile massage therapists or do it yourselves. The idea is to pamper and truly relax.
8. Write a love letter each and send it in the post to one another. It could be on a specific date or time in your relationship or just about the love you have for them.
9. Create a photo album together, we rarely print the numerous photos most of us are guilty of taking. It will really cheer you up on the bad days to see the good times.
10. If energy allows, dress to impress and have a date at home. Order in food and enjoy the quiet bubble instead of fighting to be heard in a packed restaurant.
11. Go somewhere you both have meant to but never gone. It could be a museum, gallery, or something entirely different. You can always hire a wheelchair if mobility is an issue.
12. Slow dance in the living room to your playlist of songs.
13. Have an indoor or garden picnic, in the UK this is more for the summer outdoors but have fun with it.
14. I’m a fan of The And Skin Deep shows on Youtube, recreate that by asking questions that you don’t normally ask. You could write them out for the other person to answer or mix them up in a jar and take turns.

Love Car
15. Watch a sunrise together all snuggled up in blankets with breakfast.
16. Have afternoon tea, this could be at home or in a hotel. Take the time to eat delicious food and chat.
17. Take it in turns to watch a film you don’t like but your partner does. It will mean the world to them.
18. Listen to an audiobook in bed together that you both are interested in.
19. Midnight feasts. Great if your body clock isn’t quite where it should be. Why not have a midnight feast by candlelight.
20. One I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet. Go to a restaurant and only order deserts. It would be memorable even if you need to eat more later on. Who can say no to cheesecake, chocolate cake and sorbet?

So there are twenty date night ideas for anyone but especially the energy-restricted of us. Comment down below and tell me your date night ideas. I hope you have a wonderful loved up time this week and keep an eye out for my bonus Valentine’s Day blog post ❤


6 thoughts on “My Top 20 Valentine’s Date Ideas

  1. Thank you so much for the great tips on Valentine’s Day! My husband and I are kind of in a bad point in life, not our relationship just financial issues. He quit his job and I am working a little more than part time due to health problems. I want to do something simple for him and I actually thought about writing him a poem. I have written him so many poems already, but I can do something special to let him know we will get through the hard times!
    I also really do appreciate your comment on my blog post Snowflake illness. I loved hearing your thoughts and i hope you will enjoy more of my posts if you choose to follow me! I love receiving other peoples thoughts because they are SO valid!!

    Liked by 1 person

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