Seasons Secrets



Hi Friends,

I wanted to try something different this week, after loving making the lists recently I was thinking about products I’d tried recently and thought about what had become a favourite.  I thought I might start a blog series called Seasons Secrets. Basically when I chat about what I have rediscovered, what I have loved and what new discoveries I have made during that season. These posts are loosely based on a season as I’m aware that winter isn’t over. But these are my favourites this winter.

So let’s get into Winter 2017


I have had the worst cold I have had in a while so I’ve been loving Lush’s Ultrabalm for dry patches, chapped lips and anything else needing some extra hydration. It is tasteless and doesn’t smell of anything (a plus for me) and has natural ingredients. A little goes a long way and I highly recommend it. DSCN1511

I discovered reusable hand warmers after being bought some for Christmas. I use them not only to warm my hands in the cold but to put under my legs when I’m freezing in the wheelchair. The ones I have are the gel type with a button you press to release the heat. I am unsure of the brand of mine as they were a gift, but you can find them on Amazon.

Tablet and Phone stands are something I’ve talked about before but I really love the Lamicall tablet stand. It is possible to adjust the position of the stand by tiny increments, meaning you can get exactly at the right angle to lie in bed and use your tablet.

I’m going to count Netflix as a product, I have spent a lot more time being in bed so I’ve loved watching The Crown and I finished Suits ages ago. I’d recommend the Chromecast also which makes it easy to watch YouTube on a Tv or stream Netflix even. I have the original Chromecast which is great.

Because it’s been pretty cold here I have loved this new onesie which was another Christmas gift. I know its a speciality brand for those who are abnormally tall but I love it so I’m going to include it. It feels like a luxury to have a onesie that actually fits. Oh, the tall girl problems I face haha.

Blogs I’ve been reading

I have really been enjoying  Jamison Writes I find his blog posts unique and as he is a fellow M.E/CFS warrior I find him very relatable. A must read in my opinion.

That’s all of the discoveries I have made this season. Winter is always a challenging season for me. My joints are more painful in the colder climate and being outside is a chilling experience. Christmas is there to brighten the darker months but for most of us, the winter is not the brightest or easiest of the seasons. Let me know what you have discovered. What would your winter season’s secrets be?





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