My Top 5 Acts Of Random Kindness For The More Ill Than Usual


Acts Of Random Kindness

I’ve been hit by a rather nasty cold and my health has taken a nose dive. I’ve written a different type of blog post today. I thought I would name my top 5 most appreciated acts of random kindness you can do for any person ill or not. ( In my opinion, obviously)

1. Do a task or job for them that you know they can’t do or it would take a lot of energy. For example, ringing the Doctors or putting the heap of clean laundry away.

2. Make them a drink without them asking for one. Or if you want extra brownie points, buy a drink and a sweet treat at their favourite coffee place take-out style. They will appreciate the thought that has gone into it tremendously.

3. Try to help them be as comfortable as possible. That could mean food, drinks, hot water bottles, ice packs, blankets and Haribo.

4. Leave the TV remote close to them or sign them up for Netflix. Or gift them that album they’ve wanted for a while or that bestselling Kindle book.

5. Gently continue to show affection. Depending on the individual’s pain levels a hug might be too painful, so figure out how you can be affectionate. If you are away from them send an email, letter, card or text. Actually, you could leave post-it notes around the house if you lived with them, so this still applies.

These small gestures can mean a lot when you are feeling beyond rubbish. Sometimes we all need reminding that we aren’t a waste of space and that regardless of your health you are still loved and respected. It can be scary when your health takes a nosedive and no one is sure where that dip will end. Relapses will always be on the minds of people when they are sick. We might be a little more grumpy too because of frustration at the current state of affairs. Try to not let us get away with murder, but perhaps be gentler generally? I really hope this helps you all out.


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