A New Year, A New Book- Chapter One

A New Year 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all had lovely Christmases and New Years. Are you as tired as I am? I think a few weeks recharging is needed. Anyway, enough of the one-way conversation let’s get to what I should be writing.
I’ve been trying to think of what I want to write the first post of 2018. It feels like it has a certain level of importance. Somehow like Chapter One of a new book, which I guess 2018 is a new book. I must have written two if not three posts for this, but none of them felt like they fitted. So, I’m going to add little bits from all of them and hope it becomes what I picture in my head. It’s a fresh start. So here for you is Chapter One – Page 1.


I always love Christmas but it is one of the most draining two weeks of my year, I plan it meticulously and it’s manageable. However, I start the New Year hibernating and trying to stabilize pain and fatigue levels. It’s a routine that changes, but the bare bones are the same, year in year out. We all can feel not at our best at the start of a new year. It is very easy to feel rubbish about yourself, your health, your life choices and many other things. I guess that’s why so many people go on health kicks as New Year resolutions. We all have times when our perspective has shifted and you are fully aware of the limitations and sadness present in your life.

But you are forgetting you just got through a marathon of seeing extended and close family. You might, like me, have worn ‘normal’ clothes instead of PJs or comfy sweats. You may have fought valiantly through the awkward conversations about your love life, future, education, or what you are actually trying to do with your life. Most of the questions you’d love to know the answers to yourself. That is a massive undertaking in just two short weeks. Give credit where it is due. Think more about what you’ve survived and accomplished, even if the outside world takes it for granted.

That doesn’t mean you have to celebrate every tiny accomplishment if it isn’t important to you. You are the maker of your own achievements. If that means you end up celebrating things that many would never, then that’s ok. When you are limited by a chronic and or invisible illness you learn to take each fragment of joy you can get. Life is short and to discount the achievements because they aren’t normal is a shame. We don’t live in the parameters of ‘normal’ life; it gives you the opportunity set your own.
Take care my dear friends and I hope your recovery is as smooth as it can be. You never know 2018 might hold some joy and happiness, besides if you are here on a Tuesday 11 am (UK time) there will be a brand new blog post each week (hopefully.)
Comment down below what you are most proud of, be that in 2017 or in the last few weeks. I want to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, you all have brought me joy in knowing I’m not alone. I started this to try and help just one person, by surprise it has helped me more than I imagined. I am so excited to provide great content for you this year. Please share my blog using the icons below. It would mean the world to me. Thank You.  


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