I’ll Call It What I Want

Why I Call My Illness M.E or M.E/CFS. This is one of those blog posts where I'm talking to you as if you were sitting with me with a mug of hot chocolate talking about something and nothing until a touchy/delicate subject comes up. I want to talk about why I tend to call M.E/CFS, … Continue reading I’ll Call It What I Want

The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration

A collaboration between Diary of a Disabled Person and Seeing ME in Reality. It surprises many people that self-propelling a wheelchair takes a lot of effort and energy; after all, you are pushing the weight of both yourself and the wheelchair with smaller muscles in your arms. While this is often suitable for those who … Continue reading The Battle Of The Wheels – Collaboration

Seasons Secrets

  Hi Friends, I wanted to try something different this week, after loving making the lists recently I was thinking about products I'd tried recently and thought about what had become a favourite.  I thought I might start a blog series called Seasons Secrets. Basically when I chat about what I have rediscovered, what I have … Continue reading Seasons Secrets

My Top 5 Acts Of Random Kindness For The More Ill Than Usual

  I've been hit by a rather nasty cold and my health has taken a nose dive. I've written a different type of blog post today. I thought I would name my top 5 most appreciated acts of random kindness you can do for any person ill or not. ( In my opinion, obviously) 1. Do … Continue reading My Top 5 Acts Of Random Kindness For The More Ill Than Usual

Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?

I have been thinking a lot about self-care and whether you ever ‘waste' energy. I think it is so easy to be almost clinical about looking after yourself and do the needed and logical pragmatic tasks in hand as to not ‘waste' energy. Being neglectful of ourselves in times of fast-paced periods in our lives … Continue reading Is It Ever A ‘Waste’?

A New Year, A New Book- Chapter One

Happy New Year! I hope you all had lovely Christmases and New Years. Are you as tired as I am? I think a few weeks recharging is needed. Anyway, enough of the one-way conversation let's get to what I should be writing. I've been trying to think of what I want to write the first … Continue reading A New Year, A New Book- Chapter One