My Top 15 Christmas Movies

My Top 15 Christmas Movies-4

Sitting here in November writing this is a great tool to make my Sister mad, as I am playing  Christmas playlist. Apparently, it can’t be played until December, but the blog is a great excuse to get festive earlier.
I have my top 15 Christmas films for you this week. Movies tend to be universally accessible for most with Chronic Illnesses, so I hope there is something for everyone on my list. I won’t be giving you spoilers so do go and watch trailers to see if they would be to your taste.
So let’s get into this, these are in order for my personal favourites, starting from my most loved to my just liked.

The Polar Express. My personal most loved Christmas film; it’s an animation about a train going to see Santa on Christmas Eve night. In my opinion, a masterpiece for both adults and children alike. It’s rated 6.6/10 which I think is slightly low. All of the links will take you to IMDb for reviews trailers and where to buy them.

White Christmas. It’s a classic musical which leaves you warm and fuzzy by its ending. Featuring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen the music is sublime. IMDb has rated it 7.6/10 highly deserved in my opinion. Watch it and see if you love it.

Miracle on 34th Street. I favour the newer version (1994) of this film which is about a  Santa who works for a big department store trying to get a little girl to believe in Santa Claus. IMDb rated Miracle on 34th Street 6.4/10 which I think should be higher it’s a Christmas Classic, what’s not to like?

Arthur Christmas, another animation with a glittering cast and a new perception on Santa and Christmas Eve. It is incredibly endearing and great for kids and adults alike. 7.6/10 is its rating and I think its slightly better than that. A solid 8.5/10 from me.

Love Actually, there have to be a few romcoms included as the season is romantic as always. I think it’s a top favourite for most people and it’s just a great film that follows different people who are loosely connected in different ways, over the festive period. It has a rating of 7.7/10 which means its worth a watch, you won’t be disappointed.

The Holiday, firstly it has Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black in it which means it’s going to be a great story. Two women swap houses for Christmas in LA and Surrey to be exact. Beautifully made and the perfect romantic Christmas movie. It’s highly rated on IMDb.

It’s A Wonderful Life. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t love this film the first few times I watched it. It’s typically shown in black and white, but I bought the BluRay version, which gives you the option of watching it in full colour. It’s a traditional Christmas film with a strong moral message. A perfectly charming classic film.

A Christmas Carol. Another classic that has been brought up to date in sensational animation, the well-known story is told in a way which makes it great for children and adults alike. I think its better than its rating in my personal opinion.

Elf. My word, who could not be happy after watching this story about a baby raised by Santa’s Elves. Pure comedy and a delight to watch, I highly recommend it. Will Ferrell plays Buddy the elf perfectly and gives you a few chuckles along the way.

While You Were Sleeping. I feel that this film is less well known compared to the others, it has Sandra Bullock as the lead actor and is another delightful heartwarming RomCom. If you can get hold of it I would recommend it its one of the best out there. Ignore the rating a little I think it’s worth a watch.

The Santa Claus 1,2&3. The trio is well loved from my childhood, perfect for those with kids around its engaging for all ages. This trilogy is rare as the films get better each time so be sure to watch all three. I’ll put the IMDb link in for the first and you should be able to find the others easily.

The Grinch. Would a movie top 15 be complete without the infamous classic The Grinch? There are various films about the Grinch ranging from 1966 to 2017. I favour the newer versions, however,  the vintage one is an oldie but a goldie. How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a personal favourite so I will leave the link to it.
The Nightmare Before Christmas. This isn’t my cup of tea but you have to respect the artistry of this animation. My sister enjoys this movie so I thought I would include it, plus the rating is 8/10, which is pretty good.

Nativity 1,2,3. This one is perfect for some goofy Christmas fun. It’s silly fun and utterly adored by children. It’s not the best film but it makes me laugh so that’s all that matters.

Four Christmases is a comedy that’s cringe-worthy but somehow in my opinion still great, IMDb rate it 5.6/10 which is fair. This might be a marmite film, you will either love it or loathe it. Take a peek and see what you make of it.

There you have it, my top 15 Christmas movies. I hope I might have introduced you to some new festive entertainment and please share your most loved Christmas films below and on Facebook.
Grab some popcorn and hot chocolate and have a wonderful few days snuggled up.

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