It’s Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas


You guys its December! That means its nearly Christmas. I love Christmas on a slightly sad level. I love Christmas movies; the special baking, the twinkly lights and the cosy comfort of log burners and the extra family time we get.
My sister got engaged this autumn, so this Christmas is the first Christmas with my soon to be brother-in-law. This makes it exciting that we need another stocking and a present sack. Besides, the obvious happiness that my sister found her life partner haha. But I get so excited about the festive season. I’m rambling, but this is my warning that Decembers content will be festive. I’ve got big plans my friends, big plans.

That sounded scarier than I’d like to admit, but I throw myself into the festive glittering activities. I think my investment in the time of year stems from feeling slightly sad about the incoming New Year and another Christmas passing, another poorly year. But my antidote is to just throw myself into the planning, the wrapping, the eating and try and make this time of year happy.

I feel like I’ve been restrained by waiting until recently to start talking festive. I’m hoping to cover some helpful advice on how to survive the Christmas season, to the ridiculous list of Christmas movies I love to watch each year. I have already created a gift guide for Chronic Illness warriors to spam your family with. All of this means you will get a glimpse into my crazy Christmas life, which I hope you like.

My apologies for all the Grinches out there, but Christmas is in my heart and I love to spread glitter. Hopefully, my experience will help you make it through this chaotic time of year. Stay tuned for more festive themed blog posts. Comment down below on your Christmas traditions or tips for successfully getting through the Christmas period.


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