Is Happiness Loud or Quiet?


Is Happiness loud or Quiet?-5

Is happiness a quiet feeling or a loud one? It sounds like a strange question but when people say they are happy, do they mean in it’s-your-birthday-whoo way or in a that-little-gesture-made-my-day way?

Maybe it’s different for everyone but for me, my happiness is a little quieter. It threads through my days in the most boring ways. Boring to me isn’t an insult, I have always said I wanted a boring life that I lived to the maximum. I find myself being happy with the unexpected texts from people that make me smile. I am happy having the same mock arguments with my family that we’ve had for years.

I still feel the big happy occasionally like Christmas and my birthday but that takes so much energy! That is why the quiet happy is more my style. I sometimes wonder whether we are chasing the ideals of being happy which means everything is perfect and how false that can be.

As you know my life is far from perfect, but it still has it’s many blessings. There is a lot for me to be grateful for and to be happy because of those blessings. I find myself reflecting on all of this just before the wave of Christmas crashes down upon us. I might not be happy with all aspects of my life but I find a happiness that keeps me grounded.

Yes, I’m Chronically ill but it doesn’t mean that my life needs pity as a whole. Please pity the lack of direction and cure for my condition, I’d agree with you there. But I’m happy with my boring life and trying to live it to the maximum.

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