Christmas Gift Guide

Gift Guide For Chronic Illnesses Warrior

It’s that time of year again when gifts are at the forefront of most people’s minds. Christmas is approaching rapidly. So, I’ve been thinking about the gifts that could help a Chronic Illness warrior. Hopefully, these ideas will show thought behind the gifts and the recipient will be able to use them. Quick disclaimer these are just my ideas and you might need to consider their unique condition and personality when buying gifts but here are a few of my ideas. These could be for birthdays or any other occasion throughout the year. Here they are.

*Hot water bottle and a new cover. This can be used for heat or ice therapy. A summer hack of mine is to freeze water filled water bottle for leak-proof chilling.
*Noise cancelling earphones. These are great for blocking and controlling noise around you. The more lightweight the better.
*Kindles or eBook vouchers. I found that a kindle allowed me to read when the books got heavy. I have had Kindle Paperwhites and my latest Kindle Voyage is a great love.
*Fingerless gloves. If cold hands are an issue, these are great to allow the wearer to type or do jobs with more warmth.
*Sunglasses. Most of us where these throughout the seasons to help counteract light sensitivity.
*Nightwear. Most of us tend to wear these most of the time and soft and cheerful Pj’s can help give a little lift. Bonus points if they look daytime presentable. Or if fabric sensitivities are an issue, give them a gift card they can choose for themselves.
*Phone or Tablet stands. These could be metal ones or an integrated one but it would help take the strain off hands.
*Bath Products/Skincare. This is a more personal one for me; I struggle with strong scents in bath products or skincare. I find more natural products tend to have gentler scents, except for Lush which is more in your face. Be mindful of how strong scents are in the products you are buying, also if they have sensitive skin look for products designed for it.
* Hair Turban and a Tangle Teezer. A hair turban will help cut drying time plus no cold water dripping down your neck. The Tangle Teezer is lightweight and deals with knots easily and without tugging. I have a few dotted around the house.
* or Netflix Subscriptions. These are just great treats for people who are able to snack or watch TV.
*Eye masks. Perfect for travel or when you are particularly light sensitive, try and find ones that are memory foam as I found they block more light.
*Unrest. If the would be open to it, give them a documentary I dedicated a whole blog post to.
*Restaurant vouchers. If they are able to leave the house then this might be such a gift on a day they can’t cook.
*Care Package. This could be a little gift you give them throughout the year or a personalised selection that reflects them as a person.
*Homemade Food. This could be such a treat for someone, a meal or a batch of their favourite baked goods. It would be great if they were freezable for when they really need it.
*Gift Cards. If none of these ideas fit then let them choose, it would be better if they were usable online so they don’t have to make a trip to the store. iTunes is a good one.


I hope there is something in here that you could see yourself either receiving or giving this festive time or for their birthdays. Comment down below and share your gift ideas that you’d love. Please share this blog post if you think someone will find this helpful, click the icons below to share easily.

 None of the links used is affiliate all recommendations and opinions are purely my own.

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