Dear Caregiver,

Dear Carer, Loved One Best Friend


I was watching the news one night when there was a feature on a woman. She has a website called One Million Lovely Letters. She writes letters to people and sends them. I was inspired by her story and later in the feature, it showed that she also had M.E/CFS.

In homage with a twist, I  write the occasional sporadic letter. (A letter to my newly diagnosed self)I hope these will resonate with anyone regardless of his or her health. These will be open letters to the invisible of us, the just about coping but feeling the strain of it.

My subject today, is for all those caregivers out there. Whether that be the friend who won’t take no for an answer, to the carers who help you thrive and survive. Maybe send this their way to show they are beyond appreciated.

My Dearest,

Firstly I want to say three simple yet powerful words. I see you.
I see the person who gives when they should be taking. I see the sacrifices that you never speak about. I see you cheering and pushing me, in order to help me reach my full potential. I see the love and total affection you give me when I’m cranky or defeated. I appreciate the nourishment you give me.
I know you fret and worry about me, my health and the unknown bleak future ahead of us, yet try to conceal it from me. I account for all the phone calls, the remembering, the chasing up and the insurmountable amount of forms sent our way.

I see the waiting, the listening, the chiding, the reminding, the endless patience. The same routine day in day out, the doctors, the hospitals, and the research, the explaining. But also I see the sunshine you bring my way, the hysterics we find ourselves in. I see the good days that we will account for years to come.
I see the selfless love and care you have for me, a debt I will never be able to repay.

You have seen me at my lowest, in the darkest of times; you have been a witness to my struggles. I know you will be there to see me at the happiest times and all the challenges in between. This letter is to show that for all the invisibleness of your job, I see you. I will never be able to thank you enough for the sacrifice and dedication you have had, just to help me.

In my eyes, you have one of the hardest, most undermined, frustrating jobs on this planet. One day the rest of the world will catch up and acknowledge what you do, but until then I will continue to see you.

Thank you.

A letter isn’t enough to thank the people that have helped me along the way.  I think the acknowledgement of seeing them is rare. Share this if you think of someone you want to thank.


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