Saying Goodbye To Summer

Staying WarmIn The Colder Months

I have a love-hate relationship with autumn; I love the explosion of colours and the fact it brings me closer to Christmas. What I’m not so keen on, is the chill in the air and in the U.K, the amount of cold rain that falls. Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful time of year, I just hate being cold.

Since falling ill, I have become Elsa. I’m freezing all the time, year round. So autumn means it’s getting colder, which begins the battle to stay warm. I own more thermals than a ski shop stocks, I have socks that are rated in duvet togs. Yet, I’m still cold. Sounds fun doesn’t it? So I thought I would share my tips for staying warm in the coming months.

  1. Layers are your friends. You can get smooth soft thermals quite easily these days. But layering means you can regulate your warmth depending on where you are. So add thermals and chunky knitwear and you should be good to go. Add a blanket if in doubt. Wear fingerless gloves so you can still get things done.
  2. Never underestimate the difference a hot drink or food can make. It’s a great season for warm soups and spiced drinks, which help speed up the warming process. I’m not able to be scientific about it, so comment below if you know.
  3. Research which fabrics are the best insulators. I find leather gloves are warmer than fabric. Sheepskin is a really good for slippers or mittens. So try to find the best fabrics for you.
  4. Try heat packs and hot water bottles. I carry disposable heat pads in my handbag for when I’m out and about, in the cold weather. They can make a huge difference for me as a wheelchair user. But at home, an old-fashioned hot water bottle and a blanket help tremendously.
  5.  Electric blankets are good if like me, you can’t fill hot water bottles safely. Or wheat packs are great to bung in the microwave.
    It’s a good thing that autumn is so pretty because it is another battle to not freeze all the time.

I hope my 5 tips help; I’m off to find a hot chocolate now seeing as it is the season. Oh, brain fog I nearly forgot, baths or showers can help warm you up overall. I also find it helps my joint pain.
If you have any tips then comment below or comment on my Facebook Page.

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